detector commonly used to locate steel survey pins marking property corners.  Several pieces of scrap metal were found by this method, but the well was not found.  After arriving on site, Geosphere collected magnetometer data over a grid established over the probable location of the well.  Additional data were collected on a smaller grid centered over an isolated anomaly detected outside the original grid. Systematic data collection over the grid system eliminated holes in the coverage.  Data were digitally acquired and processed to yield a color contour map on site; the map was used to prioritize the strongest anomalies that might be associated with the iron well casing.  Excavation following the survey quickly uncovered the well at the strongest magnetic anomaly identified in the accompanying map at a depth of approximately 5 feet.

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Purpose: A property transfer required that an inadequately documented abandoned well be located and investigated.  A detailed magnetometer survey was performed to locate the well in a 125x150 foot area.

Results: The magnetometer investigation rapidly mapped a strong, singular anomaly which was interpreted as the iron well casing.  An excavation located the top of the well about 5 feet below the surface at the identified location.

Discussion: Previous attempts to locate the well
were made by walking around the site with a small metal
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