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are gridded using Surfer for Windows software; smoothing and contrasting color contouring schemes are selected as needed. Contour maps are labeled with objects of known interference (fences, sewer lines, etc) and interpreted features using information from field notes and suspected conditions.

Resistivity sounding data are inverted, using in-house computer software, producing a model of discrete layers, each of constant resistivity (or conductivity).  The inversion routine computes theoretical curves based on a trial model and adjusts the model parameters iteratively until it achieves asatisfactory match with the field data.  Geologic interpretation of electrical conductivity data involves matching observed anomalies with characteristic responses to known features.  Constraining information, such as well data, outcrops, or other geophysical data, is very useful in producing a comprehensive, coordinated interpretation.

Like magnetic data, EM conductivity and inphase profile data are often computer gridded, producing a data set which can be contoured or displayed as a 3-dimensional surface.  Full data processing and editing are applied to the data once out of the field and back in the office. The various steps applied during processing are data-specific but include conversion of data from a raw file format to a standard (X, Y, Z) file format. Data
Contour map of EM conductivity of a landfill